Payment options

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The "Puno Tours Servicios Turisticos" family welcomes you and invites you to live a memorable experience with our professional, personalized, responsible and reliable service that characterizes us.

In order to provide a better experience and thinking about your safety and convenience, we offer the following payment options:


With this option you can make payments directly on the same day of the tour or service requested.

This could be by cash soles or dollars or using credit or debit cards (Visa)

Reservations are subject to our availability of services or tours on the dates requested.

We suggest ask about our availability in the following:

WhatsApp +51 976800152 Mail:



  • Get up to 15% off pre paying your tours or services requested, Check our BEST DEALS
  • Ensure and secure 100% of the services requested.

"Gladly we will make your visit an unforgettable experience Titicaca"


Payments from abroad in Foreign Currency (US Dollars)

Payments from Peru with Peruvian Currency (Nuevos Soles) and foreign (American Dollars)