Useful Tips

Clothing: we recommend bringing warm clothing and light as during the day is very hot and the nights and early mornings, always bring a hat and sunscreen as to meet at 3820 m sunlight is strongest, also to bring comfortable shoes for walks on the tours.

Altitude Sickness: We recommend a stopover in Cusco or Arequipa for better air conditioning if they come directly from Lima Hotels in Puno have oxygen and with some coca tea or muña can naturally fight altitude sickness but despite that the symptoms continue you. You can take the famous “mountain sickness pill” quite apart from this we recommend at least the 1st night and eat soft bland foods.

Security: The city of Puno is quiet and friendly, can walk through the city center with no problem, however we recommend to move until midnight 12:00 am. Most stores accept credit cards so you do not need to carry much cash. If you bring cameras or small backpacks bring them forward.

Highlights attractions: Puno has much to offer but certainly its most important attractions in the lake are the islands of Uros, Taquile and Amantani in Puno Chullpas of Sillustani archeological complex, be sure to visit these attractions.

Electricity: All hotels have a voltage of 220V but not everyone has transformers.

Crafts: If you search a variety of crafts at an affordable price can be found on the port of Puno. On the other hand on the main street (Lima) we can find brand name stores throughout Peru where the finest and most beautiful examples found.